Nomination Signatures

I am running for election and I need your help to get my name on the ballot! The State of Wisconsin requires that candidates for State Assembly collect at least 200 signatures and we only have until May to do it. The current situation does not allow for us to safely knock on doors or hold public events to collect these signatures, so that’s where you come in.

You can download the nomination papers below, sign them as both the elector and the circulator, then mail them back so they arrive by May 25th to ensure they get counted. You must be a constituent of the 33rd Assembly District and be an eligible voter. You can verify your Assembly District by following this link.

Volunteer With the Campaign

We are also emailing folks and sending these papers out by mail so to make sure we get all the signatures we need, we will have to make follow-up calls too! If you are willing to help us out and call some signers, please sign up below.


  1. Need at least 200 to get Mason on the ballot, but we can turn in a maximum of 400
  2. Signers are not pledging their vote to Mason by signing nomination papers
  3. As a circulator, you will be signing a certification that says you personally obtained each signature. Please read the certification carefully and follow its requirements. The circulator should sign and date the certification only after obtaining signatures
  4. The signature must be witnessed to be valid. Every signer must be eligible to vote in Assembly District 33 – voters can confirm their district here.
  5. Signatures and addresses should be legible
  6. The signer must accurately indicate address and municipality of residence. Each person must indicate their house number & street name or rural route in the address column
  7. Please double check that each signer indicates the correct date in the far right-hand box. Additional contact information such as phone number and email are not required
  8. Signers can only sign a nomination paper for one candidate for each office. Meaning if they have signed for another candidate running for Assembly District, they cannot sign for Mason