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Fair Maps

Voters should pick their elected officials, elected officials shouldn’t pick their voters. Our current legislative maps were drawn in secret, ignoring resident input, and to create intentional majorities.

Gerrymandering has made too many representatives unaccountable and unresponsive to their constituents.

I support a nonpartisan redistricting process – like the Iowa model – that puts the power of drawing maps in the hands of the people. Because in a democracy, that’s where the power belongs.


We’re in the middle of a pandemic, yet the state legislature hasn’t met in over 150 days. The death toll is rising, unemployment is increasing and schools are closing. Thousands of our neighbors are worried about paying their mortgage or rent, losing their healthcare, and the safety of their communities. Many local governments are doing what they can to help keep people safe, but without help from the legislature, their hands are tied.

We wouldn’t be in this situation if we had responsible leadership in Madison and Washington. We need a plan – based on science – for safely reopening, not lawsuits and political posturing. 

Making Wisconsin Work

Making Wisconsin Work – For Everyone

Corporate tax cuts and incentive packages for foreign corporations at the expense of Wisconsinites is not how working families win. 

In order to encourage families and millennials to move to Wisconsin, we need to provide what they want: higher-wage jobs, great public spaces, quality infrastructure, and superior education. 

We cannot continue to ignore the needs of small businesses and startups if we want young people to move here and stay here. We must properly maintain our roads and bridges, invest in rural broadband, and protect our water.

Rural Wisconsin

Stewardship of Natural Resources

The first step to protecting our environment is restoring local control. Local citizens deserve to have a say in maintaining clean air, clean water, and what is built around their homes. 

Organizations like ALEC should not be controlling policy, Wisconsinites should. Catering to CAFOs will not help farmers, opening up new markets to sell in will.

We must be good stewards of our wetlands and fund our state parks. Tourism is a key economic driver in our state, which depends on our natural resources.

Quality Education for Everyone

Quality, Accessible Education for All

After historic budget cuts to education under previous administrations in Madison, it is long past time to re-embrace the Wisconsin Idea: the promise of a quality education accessible to all.

Every entity that receives taxpayer money should be held to the same standards. Charter and voucher schools should be required to follow the same requirements as public schools for teacher certifications and background checks. Further expansion of the voucher program is unneeded.

We must put a stop to the wasteful and divisive referendum cycle that is currently the only option for public school districts to survive. Public education must be fully funded.

Legalize, Regulate, Tax

Legalize It. Regulate It. Tax It.

Legalizing the sale of, regulation of, and taxation of marijuana in Wisconsin for those over the age of 21 is a common sense approach.

Legalizing marijuana will help lessen the racial imbalances in our justice system. I support the pardoning of those convicted of non-violent, marijuana possession related minor offenses, as other states have done.

Although the additional revenue the legalization and taxation of marijuana would bring Wisconsin is not the main reason for my support, it is a factor. 

We should immediately legalize medical cannabis, which would allow patients to get the medicine they need under the direction of their physicians.

Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal Responsibility

Wisconsin has the money, we just need to shift our spending priorities.

Wisconsin’s property taxes are too high because the state government has starved local communities of revenue, forcing them to be almost solely reliant on property tax for revenue. 

By restoring local control – so you decide best how your money is spent – and moving towards alternatives to offset local property taxes, we can lessen the burden on the property owner and equalize the system.

We must close the Dark Store tax loophole, which shifts an unfair portion of the tax burden to small businesses and homeowners.

We must help businesses, both big and small, by eliminating the antiquated and inefficient personal property tax system.

Our state should return to annually indexing the gas tax based on inflation, which was a fiscally responsible method of funding infrastructure that worked in Wisconsin for decades. This would also ensure that visitors to our state share in the costs of road maintenance.

Quality Affordable Healthcare

Affordable, Accessible Healthcare – For All

Health insurance has become too expensive for many small businesses to offer, and startup entrepreneurs cannot fulfill their dreams because they do not have access to affordable plans. 

For those Wisconsinites with employer-based health insurance, families are burdened with expensive premiums and deductibles.

We should accept the federal Medicaid expansion money, which is a return of our own federal tax dollars to the state, and ensure everyone has access to affordable quality healthcare.